I'm Chris Walker, the owner of Photo and Video Hawaii.I have a Master of Fine Arts degree in Motion Picture Production from UCLA. In 2000 I became a professional photographer and videographer. I've worked with more than two thousand customers.

I've lived in Hawaii most of my life, and I am very familiar with all of the scenic locations Oahu has to offer. I also know the other Hawaiian islands well; especially the Big Island and Kauai. My work is known to be relatively very affordable, and that is primarily because I do everything myself, and spend no money on advertising.

I have been asked why I don't feature more reviews and testimonials about my work. Partly it's because up until a few years ago I was working for others and didn't have my own company, so the reviews didn't reference me by name. But mostly it's because you can't really fully trust any reviews on the web, so I prefer to let my work speak for itself. But here are a couple from Yelp, because you can trust those reviews more than most!

"We hired Chris and he was very professional and kept in contact the whole time before the wedding. He always returned my calls which is really important when you're planning a wedding. He showed up on time the day of the wedding and the very best part about it, is he did a great job on taking pictures. We just received the first half of the pictures and we can't be more happy with the job he did. All the pictures came out right vibrant and clean. I would definitely recommend Chris Walker to take pictures of your wedding for very good price."
-Analu B. on Yelp!!

"We hired Chris for video only and was very happy with the result! He was very professional and captured some great moments of our wedding. The video packages he offers are at very reasonable rates and the low price does not reflect the quality of his work. He really does his best to capture the memorable moments. For example, he was packing up his equipment as his contracted hours were over when suddenly the dance floor took off. I saw him unpack, take his camera out and run back to the dance floor to capture it. We had a separate wedding photographer however our Video package also included approx 250(?) photos which was also a nice addition. These are NOT photos taken with a camera but photos he extracts from the Video. The quality is pretty good and can be printed up to the size of 5 x 8. Therefore for those on a budget,this could be an alternative to photos if you don't plan of printing large wedding photos."
- AY W. on Yelp!