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I'm Chris Walker, the owner of Photo and Video Hawaii. All the pictures and videos you see on this website were shot by me. I was born in California but came to Hawaii at age 3 and I've lived here ever since, except for a few years spent in California and Spain. I love the beauty of Hawaii and I'm spoiled by its climate. I enjoy the oudoors and am an avid hiker, and as a result I am very familiar with all of the scenic locations Oahu has to offer. I also know the other Hawaiian islands well; especially the Big Island and Kauai.

I developed an interest in photography as a child. I had a darkroom in the garage, and I loved the way 35mm slides looked when projected on a screen. Later I got a Master of Fine Arts degree in Motion Picture Production from UCLA. For many years after that photography and video remained a hobby while I earned my living working in the family business. During that time I did enjoy producing a long-running Public Access TV show called "Let's Go Hiking!"

About 17 years ago I took the plunge and became a professional photographer and videographer. Since then I've worked with nearly two thousand customers. For individuals and couples I've shot family portraits and engagement photos, and I've covered weddings, memorial services, First Birthday parties, graduations, and other events. I've done work for companies and organizations as well, such as providing coverage of events like seminars and awards banquets, and shooting video for training DVDs. I also do other work with media, such as creating slideshows, transferring from VHS to DVD, web design, and Video SEO. Go to the "Other Services" pages to get the details.

I've done most of this work as an independent contractor hired by other companies, however, and I recently decided to establish my own company. Hence this website I launched a couple of years ago.

Equipment I use: Check out the video and photography pages.

Why you should hire me: I have many years of experience in Hawaii, I use what are in my opinion the best small video cameras made, and my rates are among the most affordable you'll find. Especially when you consider the quality you get for the price. I'm also one of a small handful of photographers who can do both photography and video without a second camera person for many kinds of events, which saves you even more money.

Why you may NOT want to hire me: Every photographer and videographer has his or her own style, and mine may not match what you are looking for. Read about my style and look at the samples of my work on the photography and video pages. You should also look elsewhere if you want something very high-end, involving things like multiple cameras, dollies, and elaborate lighting setups.